Guttering in Nottingham, UPVC Fascias and their Benefits

Guttering in Nottingham, UPVC Fascias and their Benefits

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UPVC guttering in Nottingham is made from a durable plastic material which is an adaptation of PVC or polyvinyl chloride. What is UPVC? We use UPVC products each day without giving them a second thought, but this plastic has become a common sight on buildings in Nottingham in the shape of guttering, fascias, pipes, doors, windows and more.  A material used in many everyday objects, its strength and adaptability comes from the process of combining carbon, hydrogen, and chlorine at a molecular level through polymerisation. This transformation makes a material which is easy to mould and is hard wearing. In the case of UPVC guttering and roofline products, the addition of stabilisers to the PVC makes it more resistant to ultraviolet light and changes in temperature. Making it more suitable for outdoor use and of a standard suitable for construction regulations.

The main benefits are that the product is cost effective to produce and the finished result is of a consistent standard and high quality. It is efficient to install meaning less disruption to our customers. Once installed it has a long life span and is easy to maintain. Other materials may need periodic treatments, such as reproofing or painting to keep them in optimum working condition, but a UPVC guttering system and fascia boards can be maintained with warm water and standard domestic detergents. Read our tips for cleaning guttering in Nottingham from a previous blog post.

Recycling UPVC Guttering in Nottingham and Fascias Help the Environment

The environment is an important issue for everyone and we are all encouraged to do our bit for the planet. Plastics have been criticised for their environmental impact but responsible disposal of old UPVC guttering will enable it to be recycled into new UPVC products. Increasing the longevity and the life cycle of the raw material through recycling and reprocessing saves money, improves energy efficiency and helps to reduce waste and the carbon footprint. The British Plastics Federation quotes a 2016 report by Hydro Polymers stating that “…PVC-U form can be successfully recycled (100%) several times without significant loss in physical properties.”

We Install UPVC Fascias and Guttering in Nottingham

If it is time to replace your UPVC guttering then make East Midlands Roofing Solutions your first choice for guttering in Nottingham. We have been fitting guttering to homes and businesses in the area and have a proven record for many years. Our work has even featured on the BBC’s highly popular DIY SOS programme. If you would like more advice, a site visit or a quote for guttering and fascia installation, please get in touch.