Tips for Cleaning Guttering in Nottingham

Tips for Cleaning Guttering in Nottingham

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Cleaning guttering in Nottingham is an important maintenance task. When guttering is not maintained and cleaned regularly you could find yourself in a situation where the gutters and downspouts become blocked. Cleaning guttering on buildings each year will help to avoid water from rain and snow melt from overflowing. Heavy and continuous water run off can cause damage to the exterior walls. The cascade will drain directly into the ground causing damage to paths, foundations, stone work and brickwork.

Safety First When Cleaning Guttering in Nottingham

If you decide to maintain the gutters on your Nottinghamshire property yourself, safety should always be the first consideration.

  • Don’t Take Risks
    Never take any unnecessary risks to avoid falls, injury to yourself or damage to your home when cleaning the guttering. So, here’s the disclaimer: East Midlands Roofing Solutions will not be held liable in the case of personal bodily or property damage from the use of techniques and tips in this article. There is always a risk when cleaning guttering and using ladders. If in doubt, get a professional to do the task.
  • Use Ladders Safely
    Make sure you have a strong and stable ladder. Always check your ladder before cleaning the guttering. The area in which you are working needs to be a flat stable base for your ladders. Let someone else know that you are working with ladders, or work as a pair in case of emergency.
  • Wear Safety Clothing
    Wear goggles to avoid getting any debris in your eyes. Dirty gutters contain bacteria from decaying leaves, bird droppings etc. Wear heavy-duty gloves and long sleeves to protect your arms and hands from dirt and cuts from damaged guttering.
  • Use the Right Tools for the Job
    Use a gutter scoop when cleaning guttering of dead leaves. You could put waste into a secured bucket and lower this to the ground. Or place a tarpaulin on the ground to drop debris onto, and clean up at ground level. A hose with a trigger spray will provide adjustable pressure and will help to flush out downspouts.
  • Avoid Power Cables
    Working at height can be dangerous and you may encounter power or telecommunications cables. Contact with these should always be avoided.
  • Keep an Eye on the Weather
    If it has rained there is a greater risk of slip hazards when cleaning the guttering. Choose a dry day and a time of day when the morning dew has evaporated.

Replace Guttering in Nottingham with East Midlands Roofing Solutions

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