Why Is It Important To Use Skilled Roofers


When it comes to investing in work being carried out on our homes, one of the most important areas to consider is our roofs. While we happily spend money on our interiors, from new bathrooms to kitchen cupboards, plush carpets and light fittings, we need to remember that should your roof fail, all the spending would have been in vain.

Why Cheap Isn’t Always Good

Everyone appreciates a good bargain, whether you are affluent or not. So when you have a knock on the door, or a leaflet pushed through the letterbox offering roofing repairs for pennies, you might want to consider the quality of the work that you will be receiving.
There are a number of self-taught roofers or failed apprentices that have gone on to do it on their own. While the majority may know what they are doing for the most part, when something goes wrong, you can start to see why they are so cheap. Here are just a few things to consider:

  • Experience – where has their experience come from and how true is it? They may say that they have 15 years of experience, but if this is all from doing jobs on their own without training, the quality of the experience drops. They may also be lacking the experience in fixing anything that goes wrong. In many cases, when a roofing repair goes wrong, the home/business owner will seek another contractor rather than calling in the contractor who made the mistake.
  • Insurance – Where you have an individual with some experience or a one-man business, you run the risk of them being uninsured. This means that should anything goes wrong with the roofing or the repairs, they will not be covered and therefore unable to compensate you.
  • Waste removal – this concern can be divided into two subsections. The first is that any waste they create, they will not remove themselves and will be left on your property for you to foot the bill of removal. The second is that they remove the waste irresponsibly, such as fly-tipping. Remember, even if someone has taken your waste, it is still your concern where it ends up, meaning you can foot the fine.
  • Pay and Run – Whichever way you choose to word this it still means the same. Smaller companies or one-man bands are more likely to request payment upfront to ensure that they can purchase supplies for the repairs. However, if you are not using a credible company, this can leave you out of pocket and running the risk of paying and never seeing them again.
  • Shoddy work – When you cannot verify the reputation of those who will be undertaking your work, you run the risk of receiving sub-par work. Also known as cowboy-builders, these individuals or companies can complete work to a low-budget and low-standard, then leave without formal inspection or while the customer is still unhappy.

Using Skilled Roofers

When you use skilled roofers, like those that we have here at East Midlands Roofing Solutions, you are helping to ensure that your roof or roof repair, is completed to the highest possible standard, while being fully insured for those unfortunate times where something does go wrong. Here at East Midlands Roofing Solutions, we ensure that each job we undertake is completed by a team of experienced experts (and maybe a couple of trainees under their supervision) at a reasonable cost, with no ripping off.

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