What Makes a Good Flat Roof?

flat roofs in nottingham

Flat roofs have become one of the leading architectural statements that allow everything from botanical gardens, solar panels and rooftop patios to be constructed with a real visual flair and originality.

As well as offering a touch of style to your roofing, the everyday homeowner can also take advantage of the low maintenance plus flat roofs long lifespans. To get you fully up to date, East Midlands Roofing Solutions have drawn up a list of the most important elements that make up a great flat roof.

Three Essential Elements of Flat Roofs

Roofing Membranes – Waterproofing the roofing area is crucial with a choice of different membrane choices to seal your roof. East Midlands Roofing Solutions offers both EPDM and liquid membranes that can make the structure entirely watertight.
EPDM is extremely durable and long-lasting plus it can be installed quite quickly plus it is a more eco-friendly option compared to other roofing materials. It is derived from recycled rubber materials such as tires, which is the reason it is so environmentally friendly.
Roof Foundation – The roofing foundation is the entire support system for your flat roof and must be resistant to a number of different loads and conditions and be able to withstand any stresses and strains. Roof joists, when insulated need to ventilated to a sufficient level to avoid problems such as damp. Air circulation is crucial too and needs to be considered to prevent a build-up of moisture.
Dealing with Run-Off – Rain, snow and everything else does not remove itself as quickly on flat roofs as it would on a sloping roof. Falls need to be put into the structure of the roof, either cut to falls, tapered firring or tapered roofing insulation before the deck is laid.

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