What is Rubber Flat Roofing?

rubber flat roofs

There are a number of styles and finishes that you can opt for when you have a flat roof. With the most popular option for years being a felt flat roof, why not look at your other options before deciding to stick with this option. How much do you know about Rubber Flat Roofing?

What is Rubber Flat Roofing?

Also known as EPDM roofing, rubber roofing is an alternative to the felt, bitumen or asphalt that is commonly used. This style of roofing has been increasing in popularity since its introduction to the market in the 90’s. Advances in technology meant that recycled materials could be turned into a strong and hard-wearing rubber, which makes a great watertight and durable material that can be used on your roof.

Benefits of rubber roofing

As with every option for your flat roof, rubber roofing also has a great number of benefits. Some of the benefits to consider when changing your roofing are:

  • Long life span – Rubber roofing offers a long lifespan of an amazing 50 years.
  • Easy to install – The sheeting format of this style of roofing allows it to be manipulated and cut to suit even the most awkward of roofs.
  • Environmentally friendly – EPDM roofing is made from recycled materials, meaning that it is significantly more environmentally friendly than its alternatives
  • Resilience – Thanks to its natural properties, rubber roofing is better equipped to handle the elements. Meaning that it doesn’t blister, crack or rot when nature takes its course.
  • Looks clean – This style of roof can offer a clean and contemporary look for your roof. Which is great if you have other spaces overlooking the roof.
  • A good base – Rubber roofs can be used as a good base for the likes of roof gardens.

For more information on rubber roofing for your flat roof please contact the team at East Midlands Roofing solutions, and one of our flat roof specialists will be happy to assist you. Check out our blogs for a range of information on our services.