Understanding Loft Insulation

roof insulation

As well as offering the finest roofing solutions for customers across Nottingham, East Midlands Roofing Solutions also now offer loft insulation.

This is a barrier of material within your roof space which can either be laid between the joists or the rafters.

It slows down the transfer of heat between your living space and the outdoors, which creates a warmer home in winter and a cooler one during the summer. Insulation between the joists keeps your home below warm and creates a cold loft, with the insulation in the rafters allowing you to keep warmth in the roof space too.

Here are some of the benefits of roof insulation –

  • Lower heating bills
  • Improve your home’s energy-efficient rating
  • Add value to your home

Why Do I Need Loft Insulation?

Uninsulated homes lose a quarter of their heat through the roof, so fitting insulation in your loft, attic or roof space will improve your home’s cosiness factor. The best part is that it lasts over 40 years and will pay for itself with the savings it provides on energy bills.

Insulation will also reduce your home’s carbon footprint, because the more insulated your property is, the more efficient its heating system will be.

I’ve Converted By Loft Into a Living Space – Can It Still Be Insulated?

If you are using your loft as a bedroom, games room or study, you will want to keep it just as warm as the rest of your home. This means there is no point in insulating the attic floor, instead, you will need to have the roof insulated. The typical method to do this is by inserting rigid insulation boards between the rafters.

They need to be cut to a specific size so that they fit snugly and do not allow any draughts through. To get the required 270mm thickness of insulation, plasterboards and the rafters will need insulating too.

The insulation boards can be covered with plasterboard, paint or can be wallpapered over.

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