Telltale Signs You Need New Guttering

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Deciding whether to have guttering repaired or replaced can be a difficult choice. East Midlands Roofing Solutions are the leading roofing repairs company in Nottingham, specialising in guttering repairs and replacements.

There are 11 problems to look out for that will mean you need to invest in new guttering, which we will discuss below.

11 Problems With Guttering

1. Detached Gutters – Gutters only operate properly when they are fastened together tightly. If you regularly see they are starting to detach from one another we would advise replacing the complete gutter system.

2. Fallen Fasteners or Screws – If the screws employed to secure the gutter are constantly coming loose and are found lying on the ground, your gutter could be permanently damaged. Replacing them is quite easy but if the screws continue to loosen it means your gutter will need to be replaced.

3. Holes, cracks and rust – If your gutter has a large number of fractures, fissures or rusty sections. These are tell-tale signs that your system is getting too old.

4. Damaged Fasteners – If the fasteners on your guttering break apart even after you have attempted to repair it, your guttering could be causing the issue.

5. Drooping Slope – When your gutter starts to sag at any point, water could be collecting and result in an overflow. If this is the case, your gutter needs to be replaced immediately.

6 Eroding or Fading Paint – When you start to notice your gutter’s paint is beginning to strip off, this could mean your gutters have been separating from your roof for a considerable amount of time. This results in water pouring over the edge for some time suggesting a deep-rooted issue.

7. Stains On Your Home – If you can tell the paint on your house of coming off, the wood is wearing away and rotting or notice rust spots. This results in your gutters overflowing and seeping behind the gutter and around the outside of your home. Your gutters could be disintegrating because they are clogged or because they are old.

8. Water Sitting in the Gutters – If you see water sitting in the gutter regularly, this means the system is not functioning properly.

9. Signs of Collecting Water or Mildew – Guttering systems are designed to deter water from entering your home’s foundation. If you notice signs of water and mildew anywhere close to the foundation this could mean your gutters are not working properly.

10. Basement Flooding – If you see water or mould in your basement, your gutters could be corroded and clogged with water. Your system could have started to flow into the base of your home and subsequently, your basement. This could result in serious damage which means you will need to replace your gutters plus handle any flood damage.

11. Denting or Buckling Dents – If a tree branch or ladder creates a dent in your gutter, this could cause leaks and overflow. These problems won’t be resolved until the dented portion is fixed, and if you have seamless gutters you will need the whole system replaced.

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