How to Repair Roof Shingles

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Asphalt shingle roofs usually require very little maintenance, however, there is the odd occasion where little fixes are needed.

Fortunately, asphalt shingles can be easily removed by roofing repair specialists from East Midlands Roofing Solutions.

Even though the process is straightforward, we would recommend working with a properly trained roofing company such as East Midlands Roofing Solutions.

6 Steps to Repairing Shingles

Here are six steps explaining how we can repair roof shingles –

1. Break the Seal on the Target Shingle – The first step is removing the nails holding that shingle to the roof deck. To access the nails, the single needs to be lifted and could be bonded to the shingle below by the shingles’ asphalt sealant spots. This sealant is quite strong and cannot be broken by sliding a flat pry bar carefully under the target shingle’s edge.
This sealant separation should be done in cooler weather as the sealant bond will be more easily sheared by the pry bar when cool.

2. Break the Adjacent Seals – Once the sealant bond is broken on the target shingle, the same bond should be broken on the overlying shingle or shingles. This means they can be gently lifted to expose the nails in the target shingle.

3 Remove the Nails – Nails can sometimes be removed by direct access, and can often try to pry out the nails from above the shingle and could damage the shingle’s granular surface. It is better to lift the shingle and the nail at the same time, meaning we will need to access the bottom of the target shingle. The pry bar will need to be slid up tight to each nail area and pry upwards on the shingle which lifts the nail out of the deck. All four nails will need to be lifted out of the target shingle.

4. Remove Adjacent Nails – Now all four nails have been pried up and removed from the shingle you will notice is still won’t be removable. This is because the nails in the shingles above it will be penetrating the upper edge of the shingle. Each roof shingle is actually held in place with two rows of nails, which helps with your roof system’s wind resistance.
We will need to perform the same sealant bond-breaking step on the shingles two courses above the shingle too. Now we will remove the nails from the shingles in the course above the target shingle.

5. Remove the Old Shingle – Now every sealant bond has been broken and all the nails have been removed, this shingle is loose and can be safely removed.

6. Installing the New Shingle – We will take a new shingle which is the same size as the old one and slide it into position. It will be nailed into place and then re-nail the overlying shingles wherever nails have been previously removed.

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