Can I Replace My Roof as Part of a Loft Conversion?

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A typical sign from street level that a house has had a recent loft conversion added is a newly tiled roof. But is this always necessary, or just something to add a touch of class to your new loft room?

For our latest blog, East Midlands Roofing Solutions will talk you through adding a new roof to a loft conversion and how it can benefit your property.

New Roofing for Loft Conversions

While some houses will be equipped with the type of roof that is perfect for conversion, others may require some work, or the roof replacing, in order to make your loft suitable for conversion.

Here are four advantages of modifying the roof of your loft conversion –

1. Create More Space – One of the main reasons for replacing your roof as part of loft conversion is to create more space. Lofts were not originally designed to be lived in, so the pitch of the roof may not allow for such space, or the floor space could be too narrow.

Hipped roof ends where either end of your roof is also pitched instead of a flat wall or ‘gable’ can also create issues.

Replacing your roof can often create a more usable pitch, gain a larger floor area and add gables at either end of the room so that the floor space runs from end to end of the room. Similarly, you could look to add dormer windows which help to increase head height and maximise natural light.

2. Improve the Structure – Generally, houses built before 1950 have framed roofing which uses strong timber supports. More modern houses are built with factory-produced truss roof sections that are made from thinner materials and require additional bracing, providing support.

If you have a truss roof, replacing it could be the best choice, as it will give you a stronger, safer and more suitable roof for conversion. You do not always have to replace a truss roof as it can be modified heavily by adding extra Reinforced Steel Joists which support and replace the original bracing.

3. Add Internal Comfort – Improving the exterior of your roof will improve the interior comfort inside your loft conversion. New roof tiles will reduce the chance of roof leaks and could add to the insulation of your new loft room during the winter.

4. Increase Kerb Appeal – One of the simplest reasons to replace and retile your roof is aesthetics. Newly tiled houses look amazing when seen from street level and if you are taking on a big loft conversion project you can also improve your home’s kerb appeal too.

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