What are the Most Common Roofing Repairs?

roofing repairs

Here at East Midlands Roofing Solutions, we always tell our customers that protecting their roof will protect their most valuable assets and their families.

Our expert team of roofers will always do our best to avoid damage to their roofs, although sometimes roofing repairs are required. For our latest blog, we are going to identify six of the most common roof repairs.

6 Repairs for Roofs

1. Hail Damage – Hail damage is one of the most obvious and common types of roofing repairs which damages the shingles by impacting them at a high velocity. The protective layer of granules on asphalt shingles can fall off with the UV rays from the sun deteriorating the shingles which can lead to leaks in the roof.

2. Water Spot on Ceiling – A lot of leaks do not show up immediately as they can take a while to soak into your roofing structure and insulation. Homeowners will finally start to notice when a dark spot begins to appear on their ceiling. Some homeowners will start looking for the leak at the spot of the water damage and often forget to take into account the slope of the roof. Frequently these type of repairs can be traced further uphill from the water spot on your roof’s slope with the spot indicating the leak has been there for a considerable amount of time. Instead of trying to fix this issue yourself, call a professional roofer from East Midlands Roofing Solutions to sort this out in no time.

3. Nails Through Roof – Sometimes referred to as shiners, this is when nails miss the framing for your roof. These nails frost over during colder nights and drip when they warm up throughout the day.

4. Damaged Roof Vents or Vent Flashing Failure – A lot of roof vents are plastic and hold up fine in a number of climates. In challenging weather, these vents can crack if there is a major temperature swing during a day. This has more chance of happening as the plastic ages and a simple bead of caulk will not prevent the cracking from getting worse or growing. The damaged vents will need to be replaced plus flashing should be added to make sure water runs away from these holes in your roof.

5. Missing, Failing or Improper Flashing – Flashing reroutes moistures away from roofing penetrations such as rooflights, vents and chimneys. If the flashing fails or was never installed, the roofing can begin to leak quickly. If this roofing was installed by another contractor they may have forgone flashing, choosing roofing cement or tar around these areas instead. Roofing cement will seal out water in the short term, but hardens and cracks as it dries which allows leaking to occur.

6. Missing, Damaged or Poorly Installed Chimney Cricket – Many homes feature beautiful, wood-burning fireplaces, which require chimneys to add great curb appeal, when maintained properly. While these chimneys look great, they can also create large dams on your roof which catch debris and standing water; creating mould. Our team of expert roofers will be able to spot a chimney cricket or chimney saddle and will be able to repair this by redirecting debris and moisture into your gutters and off of your roof.

Expert Roofing Repairs from East Midlands Roofing Solutions

If you have any questions about roofing repairs please contact East Midlands Roofing Solutions. We are Nottingham’s leading provider of flat roofs, guttering, asbestos removal, fascias and soffits.