How Summer Affects My Roof


When it comes to the exterior of our homes, we often comment on how the bad weather can cause damage or have an adverse effect on the roof. The same can also be said for the impact that summer can have on our roof.

Can Summer Damage My Roof

Unfortunately, mother nature takes it’s toll on your roof no matter what season it is. So how does summer weather affect your roof?
UV Exposure – During elongated periods of hot and sunny weather your roof is in the direct firing line to be affected by UV exposure. Consider your skin when on a sunny beach holiday, it might be a little cloudy or a little breezy, however, those UV rays are still beating down and you end up burnt (or tanned). This is the same exposure that our roofs are subjected to, without the factor 50.
This exposure can cause wood to bleach, weaken and crack, oils in your roofing and construction material to dissipate and asphalt shingles to buckle and split.

Heat – Unshaded roofs can be the subject of the suns rays from sunrise to sunset. If you have a darker roof, the impact of the heat from the sun is amplified. The higher temperatures that can be found in these darker roofs can accelerate a number of chemical reactions causing your roofing and construction materials to break down faster. If you have a dark roof, ensure that you have adequate loft ventilation to ensure that the heat does not transfer into the space. This will help to keep your home cooler.

Thermal Shock – During hot summer days, your roof can reach incredible temperatures, which can rapidly cool as the sunsets. These changes can cause your roofing materials to expand and contract. In turn, weakening your roofs structural integrity.

The damage caused by the summer months will have been building up over a period of time, whether this is months or years. Unlike the immediate impact that a winter storm can have.

Summer Roof Repairs

One of the best times to have your roof repaired is during the dry summer months. This helps us to avoid rain and wind having an impact on the fitting of your roof. However, there may be times when the sun and outdoor temperatures make it inappropriate for us to fit your new roof. Our team are experienced enough when to decide to alter plans, so please bear with us if we make this choice.

For more information on repairing or replacing your roof this summer, please contact a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also check out our services page for more information on our full range of services.