Different Types of Roof Tiles


There are a vast range of roof tiles available on the market today, and the majority suit a range of homes and businesses with different style roofs. If you were to go and find your own tiles, you might find yourself in a bit of minefield. The great thing about using a roofing company is that they can take away all the confusing information and leave you with the facts you need to know. For those who are interested in knowing a little more about the type of roof tiles, we have pulled together some information for you here.

Clay Roof Tiles

Clay tiles are an extremely popular roofing option that has been around for thousands of years. While technology may introduce other options, these are still a firm favourite. They offer your internal structure of the roof a high level of protection from the elements while also adding an extra level of curb appeal to your property. The use of clay means that they absorb less water than some of their alternatives, meaning that they remain a lightweight option for your roof. Please don’t think that because they are lightweight they will disappear in the wind, when fitted properly this type of tile can last on your roof for upwards of 50 years, wind or no wind.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Again, another popular choice of roofing tiles on the UK market. The biggest attraction for this type of tile for many is their lower price, which is why you might find them on a high number of new developments. Similar to clay tiles, concrete tiles can have a similar lifespan of up to 50 years. However, the structure of the material means that they are significantly heavier than their alternatives, and may also absorb somewhat more water. A great benefit to concrete tiles is that they are fire-resistant, meaning that if you should be unfortunate enough to receive fire damage to your home, this will somewhat reduce its impact.

Natural Slate Roof Tiles

For those looking to improve the aesthetics of their home, slate tiles are certainly a firm favourite. The stunning appearance that they offer can’t be beaten by clay or concrete tiles. While the main competition offers around 50 years as the average lifespan, experts have stated that a well-maintained slate roof can last well over 100 years, while you might not be around to appreciate that in the long haul, it can certainly increase the resale value of your property. While you may currently see slate roofs as only having advantages, we have to disappoint you here with information on the structure of your roof. Unfortunately, slate tiles are significantly heavier than the alternatives, meaning that your roof deck will need to be reinforced to ensure that they are safe to be applied. This can become a costly process. However, you will see the results in an attractive, environmentally friendly roof, and any excess slate can be repurposed in your garden, and makes a great pot topper around your flowers.

Metal Roof Tiles

Not a great deal of people have considered, or even heard of metal roof tiles. They are available in a variety of options including zinc, aluminium, copper and galvanised steel. Designed to withstand extreme weather they can last on average up to 70 years. While they can be a great option that is energy efficient, they can also be a costly alternative, and extreme weather conditions might find you feeling like you live under a marching band if you happen to sleep in an attic bedroom.

Lightweight Roof Tiles

With an increase in popularity for DIY roofers, this style of tile has made the installation process much easier and quicker. To be considered a lightweight roof tile they must sit under 20kg (which some may still consider not lightweight!). The choices for lightweight tiles include; metro tiles, synthetic slate and lightweight tiles.

We know that this might still all seem like we are speaking a different language, but discuss your options with your installer who will be able to give you a breakdown of the right choices for your home. For more information about roofing from East Midlands Roofing Solutions please contact a member of our team today who will be happy to assist you.