Five Common Signs Your Roof is Leaking

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If you are casually watching television or reading a book and feel a drop of water from your roof, you will require roofing repairs for the leak.

East Midlands Roofing Solutions are the leading provider of roofing products across Nottingham plus we can also help with any repairs you need.

For our latest post, we are going to explain a number of contributing factors which could have led to a leak.

Reasons for Your Roof Leak

Cracked Flashing – Flashing repels water from your roof, even during torrential rain. It comprises of thin metal pieces that when fitted beneath shingles and on the roof joints will form a water-resistant barrier which can become exposed over time.

When the flashing’s usual rubberised coating wears away, the metal can become vulnerable to cracking which is caused by windy and rainy weather.

Broken or Missing Shingles – Harsh rain and wind can loosen roof shingles which leads them to slide down the surface and fall off. So, if you spot shingles scattered around your garden following a storm, take a look up at your roof.

When inspecting, you may catch sight of suspicious patches in your roof’s colour. This could also be due to damaged shingles which a roofing professional from our team can replace for you.

Improperly Sealed Valleys – A valley on a roof is known as an area where two planes of roof come together. As roofing planes tend to be sloped, rainwater may be able to seep through gaps in poor sealing.

If you have noticed wet spots running along your roof’s seams, this may be a warning sign of improperly sealed valleys. This issue could have arisen because of excessive rain or ice eroding the sealing. Another possibility is that it was not fitted to the correct standard in the first place.

Clogged Gutters – Rainstorms can provide the perfect opportunity to assess your roof’s resilience against the elements. If you do see small amounts of water coming out of a downspout as the rain beats down, take a look at the gutter lining of your roof.

You may notice leaves protruding from the gutter and if there are too many leaves in your gutter it can block it and send rainwater seeping through cracks in your roof. This means you could benefit from cleaning clogged gutters.

Cracked Chimney – If you are based in Nottingham or the surrounding areas, give East Midlands Roofing Solutions a call and we can arrange a roof health check and decide what work needs doing.

If we come across signs of a cracked chimney or any other roofing issues we will be able to fix them.

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